Prayer based on James 4

by henry glover
October 22, 2018

You can read James 4 here:


Lord Jesus, I pray that I can understand what causes quarrels and fights among us. Please calm the passions that are at war within me. Make me content with what I have and can not obtain so that I don’t murder, fight, and quarrel. Instead, help me ask you for what I don’t have, and when I do ask you, Lord, my prayer is that I don’t ask wrongly with intent to spend it on my passions, like your adulterous people did! May I not imitate worldly ways of thinking nor engage in the worldly activities that are your enemies. Remind me that if I am a friend to the worldly ways then I am also an enemy to you. Thank you for creating me with your spirit to dwell in me, and as such, remind me that you are a jealous God. For you oppose the proud and give me more grace as a person who is humble. Help me, submit to you, my God; and resist the devil so that he will flee from me. I pray that I will draw near to you, my God, and that you will draw near to me. As a double-minded sinner, cleanse my hands and purify my heart. May I be wretched, mourn, and weep; turning laughter and joy about sin into mourning and gloom. Humble me before you, Lord, so that you can exalt me.

Guard me against speaking evil against my brothers and sisters, for if I do, I speak evil against the law and judge the law. Make me a doer of the law instead of a judge. Who am I to judge my neighbor? For you, Lord, who is able to save and destroy, are the only lawgiver and judge.

I pray that I will not become presumptuous and arrogant like the wealthy merchants who flippantly plan to spend a year in each town to rob the poor for profit — for I do not know what tomorrow will bring. Remind me that my life is a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. Teach me to say, “If the Lord wills, I will live and do this or that.” For my boasting in arrogance is evil. Keep me from sin by knowing the right thing to do, and I pray that I don’t fail to do it.

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